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Women’s Health

Choosing to see a different GP is appropriate for women of any age and for those who already have a regular doctor but would prefer to manage their women’s health issues in a more individual way with a female practitioner.  There are female GPs and credentialed cervical screening nurses consulting at two of the South Coast Medical practices and we understand that many women appreciate having a dedicated women’s health service.  

Dr Ruth Mitchell

Meet Dr Ruth Mitchell. Ruth consults from the Capel Sound clinic.

Ruth has many years of experience in general medicine with a particular interest in womens health. Ruth also has an interest and experience in healthy ageing and mental health.

Whether you choose the Capel Sound clinic or your preferred GP at one of the other practices be assured you'll be provided with respectful care and sensitive advice.

Dr Ciara Flynn

Meet Dr Ciara Flynn.  Ciara consults at the Rye clinic.  

She enjoys all aspects of General Practice with a special interest in Women's Health and Preventative Health.  She is an accredited affiliate of Peninsula Health's Shared Care Maternity Program.

Dr Hazel Addison

Meet Dr Hazel Addison.  Hazel is a female GP consulting from the Rye clinic on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Hazel is a womens health general practitioner and is an accredited implanon and mirena provider as well as a shared care provider.  Hazel also provides skin cancer checks and minor surgeries at the Rye clinic.

Dr Meera Ramanan

Dr Meera Ramanan has been offering womens health consultations on the Mornington Peninsula for a number of years.

Dr Meera Ramanan consults from the Rosebud clinic.


Comprehensive women’s health care

Relationships, family, work, self-care, sexuality, general wellbeing, all of these things and lots of others influence a woman’s health.

A cohesive group of doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals will help you manage health issues in all of these areas:

  • period problems including heavy, painful or irregular periods
  • menopause with safe natural options
  • pelvic and vaginal pain
  • continence, bladder and bowel health
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • endometriosis, adenomyosis
  • breast checks, breast lumps and pain
  • contraception including insertion and removal of IUDs and implants
  • sexual issues and sexually transmitted infection screening
  • cervical screening tests.
  • osteoporosis with accurate bone density testing
  • pre-pregnancy, early pregnancy care and genetic screening
  • mental health issues
  • weight management
  • access to experienced gynaecologists and obstetricians



Book your ‘Well woman check’

Practitioners consulting from South Coast Medical believe in building long term relationships that protect and enhance their patients’ health.

If you’re ready to meet a dedicated GP who’s committed to keeping you as well as you can possibly be, a ‘well woman check’ is a great place to start.

Book your well woman check a practitioner of choice.



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