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South Coast Medical Services

GP and Allied Health Clinics caring for Blairgowie Dromana, Rosebud, and Rye


South Coast Medical is owned and run by local doctors.  We’ve been helping keep our seaside communities healthy for over 40 years. Our team of caring GPs, nurses and allied health professionals provide complete health care that matches your exact needs.


Your wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. You may have heard this called   ‘patient centred care’. We call it ‘common sense’, and we wouldn’t care for you any other way.


Patient Information

South Coast Medical meets the needs of our community by providing quality patient care which is explained on our Patient Information page.

Covering topics from fees to home visits this page helps you understand everything South Coast does for our patients.


Women's Health Clinic

When you tell us what matters most, we listen. Then we work with you on everything that’s important to your wellbeing.


Our certified Pap Nurses are available to provide a woman’s preventative health check. We also have female general practitioners available for more complex women’s health needs.

See our full range of women’s health services. 

Make an appointment at our Rosebud Doctors Clinic


Physiotherapy Services

Our physiotherapy services are currently based at our headquarters 2 Ozone Street, Rye Just in case you haven’t visited us here before; our Rye clinic is a bright and modern purpose-built facility which houses an experienced and friendly group of health professionals.


Podiatry Services

You do not need to be a patient of one of our doctors to see our Podiatrist, and no referral is required. Our clinic accepts Chronic Disease Management (Enhanced Primary Care) Plans, Private Health Insurance, Pension/Health Care Cards, Department of Veterans Affairs, Transport Accident Commission, and Work Cover claims.


Our Podiatry Services are offered at the following practices:

Rye Podiatry Clinic

Rosebud Podiatry Clinic

Dormana Podiatry Clinic


Iron Infusion

See how South Coast Medical can offer your various ways to help with iron deficiency. If your iron deficiency can’t be treated successfully by swallowing liquid or tablets, intravenous infusions are an alternative option.

Download IV Iron Infusion Booklet

Download Full Patient Information Kit (3.1MB)


Healthy Kids and Teenagers

From newborns & babies to healthy children our caring, empathetic doctors are here when you and your family needs help.

All our practices offer a large range of services to help your new and growing family.

South Coast Medical bulk bill children under 16. Note: Dr Hazel Addison does not routinely bulk bill children.


Family Planning

Planning for a family and choosing the right contraceptive methods - at South Coast Medical we will always be supportive and caring, advising you on the best medical solution your current stage of life.


You’re welcome in any of our practices.

All our practices have family-friendly waiting areas and fully equipped treatment facilities for minor surgical procedures and wound management.  We also provide onsite pathology and allied health services including physiotherapy, podiatry, diabetes education dietetics and family counselling. 


All our practices are currently accepting new patients.


Preventative Health Checkups

As well as caring for you when you’re ill, we’re committed to helping you stay healthy and well. Preventative health checks can include:


Accredited Immunisations

Regular women’s health checks

Skin checks


To find out more, please call your local South Coast Medical Clinic


Free checks for 45 and 49-year-olds

We understand that you might feel too busy or too tired to book a checkup. But taking a look at your health and lifestyle can make a crucial difference later. Talk to one of our doctors about what’s working well and anything that isn’t. Do some straightforward tests. If you decide that doing less or more of something will make you healthier and happier, we’ll back you.  



‘Healthy kids’ checks for four-year-olds

Tick off this vital piece of preschool preparation. The ‘healthy kids’ check will help ensure your child is set for school. It includes hearing and eye testing and it measures key development milestones for 4-year-olds.


Download  ‘Get set 4 life’ – habits for healthy kids’.



 Health check-ups for men and women of all ages

We offer physical and mental reviews as part of our men’s health and women’s health services.



Streamlined services


Your time is valuable so our practices deliver the following services carefully and quickly:


Repeat prescriptions and referrals

Immunisations and bulk billed flu vaccinations (Offered during peak influenza season)

Anti-wrinkle injections after your initial consultation

Wound management and care (Our nurses are able to provide comprehensive wound care management to our patients)


Spirometry and Doppler Assessments

We have spirometers and Doppler assessment tools to provide further information and investigation into your respiratory or vascular system concerns. We encourage you to speak to your doctor regarding your suitability for these tests.



Men’s health

Talk health with someone who ‘gets’ you. Our doctors know it can be tough to take care of yourself. Like you, lots of us are dads, husbands, partners and workmates.


See our full range of men’s health services



Healthy travel, work and play

Stay safe overseas, score your first or fifteenth job, survive a sports injury and come back stronger. Where ever you’re going whatever you’re planning we’ll help you stay healthy and achieve your goals.


See our full range of travel health, employment medicals and sports medicine services



Chronic condition management

If your health condition has persisted for more than six months our skilful and experienced team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals will support you to be as well as you possibly can. Your SCM team will be with you for the long term. At every predicted and every foreseen stage of your ongoing illness, we’ll be there.


See our full range of chronic condition management services