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Lisa Chambers

PO Box 465, Rosebud VIC 3939

Phone (03) 5985 7776 (Rye clinic)



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Jane Hughes

PO Box 465, Rosebud VIC 3939

Phone (03) 5985 7776 (Rye clinic)


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We are proud to be health care providers to the residents of the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding communities from our local four general medical practices. In addition to the general medicine consultations we provide, our practices offer:

  • IV Iron Infusion

Administered intravenously under the  supervision of a  doctor and our registered nurses.

Download IV Iron Infusion Brochure

Download Full Patient Information Kit (3.1MB)

  • Accredited Immunisation Programs
  • This Program is administered by our registered nurses who are accredited to provide immunisation within the clinic and the general community
  • Aged Care Services
    Our doctors provide medical care and support to South Coast Medical residents who require long term care in over 8 local aged care residential facilities and homes on the Mornington Peninsula
  • Chronic Disease Management
    Health Assessments, GP Management Plans, Team Care Arrangements and Diabetes Cycle of Care are important tools in the management of chronic disease. All of our nurses assist the doctors to provide these services. If you are referred to the nurse, the nurse will undertake a needs assessment and work with you to meet your health goals. If you think you would benefit from this approach, speak to your doctor and ask for a referral. All of these services are covered by Medicare.
  • Diabetes Education
    Available via our Diabetes Educator, Dietitian and Nursing Staff.
  • Flu Vaccination Clinics (Bulk Billed)
    Offered during peak influenza season
  • Health Checks (45-49yo), 4 yo Health Checks & ECG testing
  • Pap Smear and Women’s Health
    Our certified Pap Nurses are available to provide a well woman’s preventative health check. We also have female general practitioners available for more complex women’s health needs.
  • Skin Check Clinics
    Available at our Rosebud clinic and involve a thorough skin assessment and relevant minor surgical procedures if required. See more here
  • Script and Referral Clinics
    Quick clinics are available for patients on the run needing just a repeat prescription or referral.
  • Spirometry and Doppler Assessments
    We have spirometers and Doppler assessment tools to provide further information and investigation into your respiratory or vascular system concerns. We encourage you to speak to your doctor regarding your suitability for these tests.
  • Travel Advice
    Advice on a comprehensive range of travel vaccines and general travel health is available. The Blairgowrie, Rosebud and Rye clinics are accredited Yellow Fever vaccine providers.
  • Wound Management and Care
    Our nurses are able to provide comprehensive wound care management to our patients.