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Physiotherapy Services

Our physiotherapy services help you ‘Get Fit for Life’

If you are experiencing pain or having issues with movement, then it is likely you may benefit from an appointment with a physiotherapist. A physio can assist with sprains, muscle strains and even nerve injuries. Our physios are trained to alleviate discomfort or pain (from injury or chronic illness), they can assist in getting you more mobile and speed up your recovery process after you’ve experienced an injury or after a surgical procedure.

Our physiotherapy services are currently based at our Rye, Rosebud and Dromana clinics. Our Rye clinic also has Pilates and Exercise Physiology available in our studio. Our physiotherapists are available to work closely with GPs and other health providers.

The physiotherapy services we offer include:

  • Acute and chronic injury assessment and diagnosis, or a second opinion
  • Education on your condition and development of a treatment or management plan
  • Manual physiotherapy treatment including soft tissue work and mobilisation
  • Treatment for neck pain and headaches
  • Treatment for lower back pain
  • Sports physiotherapy and sports injury assessment and management
  • Dry needling
  • Treatment for workcover and TAC clients
  • Clinical pilates and functional strength training
  • Strength and conditioning programs
  • Veterans’ Affairs wellness programs
  • Treatment of disability patients



Why choose us?

  • Personalised and private approach
  • One-on-one appointments
  • Evidence-based assessments, advice and treatments
  • Experienced physiotherapists
  • Access to a multidisciplinary healthcare team
  • No referral required
  • Clean, modern and easily accessible clinics



Our promise to you

To provide high quality, safe and ethical physiotherapy and clinical Pilates services through South Coast Medical Clinic to peninsula residents which are evidence-based, goal orientated, and relevant to the individual.

We aim to provide a full spectrum of services, in a caring and friendly environment, including:

  • musculoskeletal injury assessments and diagnosis
  • acute, sub-acute and chronic injury management
  • manual, active and combined treatment pathways
  • preventive health, wellness and performance programs
  • multidisciplinary healthcare through South Coast Medical’s healthcare team.

South Coast Medical’s physiotherapists, as part of a multidisciplinary team, aim to empower individuals with education, facilitation and support, assisting them to reach their rehabilitation and performance goals.



Our physiotherapists

Harrison Shill

Harrison graduated in 2016 after completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with honours at Monash University.

As an avid footballer during his adolescence and a national representative for Volleyball Victoria in his adult life, Harrison has a keen interest in sports related physiotherapy and injury prevention, particularly functional strength training. He currently works with local football teams and personal trainers to get patients back in action sooner.

Harrison enjoys forming long-term working relationships with motivated patients and the broader community to assist people of all ages in reaching their health and fitness goals.

Harrison has expertise in dealing with both chronic pain management and sports injury related physiotherapy.

Tele Demetrious

Tele is a respected physiotherapist with 16 years of clinical experience in all aspects of musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Tele completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree with honours at Melbourne University in 2001.

Tele now has expertise in sports, spinal, post-operative and general injuries, and is a world leader in online patient education.